Ed Goyette

The fact is that sometimes the best we can do is to hold on to what we have.

The fact is that sometimes the best we can do is to hold on to what we have.


Sometimes your highest aspiration isn’t to achieve, crush, or expand, but simply maintain. And that’s completely fine.

But seeing others in a constant state of forward movement (or at least with the intent to better themselves), can take its toll. Suddenly it feels like your goal to maintain what is good in your life in the face of whatever adversity you’re going through is nothing but stagnation. That if you’re not “moving forward” you’re somehow falling behind. This isn’t true. Life isn’t a competition.

The fact is that sometimes the best you can do is to hold on to what you have.

Sometimes not falling further, or letting your current circumstances get the best of you is all you have enough for. And that’s enough.

So if you’re just holding on and find that maintaining where you are is the best you can do, please understand that it’s just fine. Because when the day comes that you’re ready to move, you’ll be so grateful that you maintained and didn’t fall.


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Great talk, Ed! Very inspiring for kids of ALL ages!

Jennifer Kimball

What wonderful insight into how to truly connect with your children and get behind their dreams, hopes and aspirations! Have not been this inspired by a TED talk in this subject since Dr Shefali.

Maria Sakkadas

So inspirational and a concept more of us parents could use to create better relationships that support our children. We have to be the role models but too often we didn't have the support we needed growing up, and this talk gives us such a simple way to be that, not just for our kids but for the community as well. Thank you friend. Brilliant.

Catie Cavanagh

Good job, Mr Goyette!! You’re even cooler than I first thought whenever Noelle talked about her dad or when I met you a couple times.

Adriana DeBlois