Ed Goyette


Books by Ed

Ed has authored two books directed towards guiding small businesses on how to hire. His ‘The Small Business Hiring Guide’ is a digital guide for hiring the right talent for your team and retaining your dream team. He has also published a paperback ‘The Coffee House Hiring Guide’. This is a guide where Ed shares his hiring, training and retaining knowledge that he’s garnered for over more than two decades through his own top notch retail staff in his award winning coffee house.

Digital Guide

Are you a small business owner?

Do you struggle with finding the right talent for your team?

Have you found good talent but struggled to retain the dream team that can drive your business to the level of success you strive for?

Is your brand (and bottom line) suffering because you haven’t hired the right people?

A single, “yes!” to any of those questions means you will most certainly benefit from this short and strategic, yet simple read.

Stop hiring from desperation and start hiring with purpose to build the business you dream of owning with this instant downloadable guide!

The right people can make or break your brand and finding them can be harder than that proverbial needle in the haystack. That’s why I’m so motivated to share my expertise when it comes to creating exceptional teams for award-winning businesses in my latest book

Based on the hiring practices of BeanTowne Coffee House, a nationally-award winning café with a turnover rate 50% less than the national average, The Coffee House Hiring Guide presents everything you need to know to hire with purpose, not desperation.

No more guessing, no more hiring “whoever walks through the door,” and no more looking in all the wrong places for your next superstar.

The Fastest Way To Successful Staff Building.

Learn the keys to successful staff-building that author Ed Goyette has learned over the course of more than two decades of hiring, training, and retaining top-notch retail staff in his award-winning coffee house. This guide is packed with methods you can begin implementing today to achieve extraordinary results for your customers and employees!