Ed Goyette

We’re on a Mission to Create A Better Future for One Million Young Adults

Every year, millions of young people leave High School, taking that crucial first step toward an educational path that leads to their “dream job”

Major Choice guides young adults to deeply explore both themselves and career paths over the course of three “Missions”.

Outreach & Interviews

Major Choice empowers students to engage with professionals

Learn From Watching

Students visit professionals on location so they can see first hand what goes into a job.

Interview Professionals

Students are set up to interview professionals currently employed in their final career selections.

Soft Skills

Our soft skills coaching walks students through the process of how to approach professionals and make a great impression.

Career Exploration

From zero career insight to expert knowledge.
  • Job Data: Discover job demand, salaries, geography and everything essential for a successful career choice.
  • Industry Knowledge: Learn exactly what professionals are looking for as they search for employees.
  • Discover Careers: Find out about jobs that most young adults have never heard of but are a perfect match.
  • Career DNA™: Students discover dream jobs and match it against our proprietary Career DNA™ tool to see how well they’re aligned.

What Industry Leaders Say About

Great talk, Ed! Very inspiring for kids of ALL ages!

Jennifer Kimball

What wonderful insight into how to truly connect with your children and get behind their dreams, hopes and aspirations! Have not been this inspired by a TED talk in this subject since Dr Shefali.

Maria Sakkadas

So inspirational and a concept more of us parents could use to create better relationships that support our children. We have to be the role models but too often we didn't have the support we needed growing up, and this talk gives us such a simple way to be that, not just for our kids but for the community as well. Thank you friend. Brilliant.

Catie Cavanagh

Good job, Mr Goyette!! You’re even cooler than I first thought whenever Noelle talked about her dad or when I met you a couple times.

Adriana DeBlois

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