Ed Goyette

It’s impossible to move forward without both shoes constantly rising and falling.

It’s impossible to move forward without both shoes constantly rising and falling.

The Other Shoe

For most of my life, I found it impossible to truly enjoy the good times because I was always waiting for “the other shoe to drop”. What a funny phrase. Because if you think about it, it’s impossible to move forward without both shoes constantly rising and falling. One shoe, then the next, then the next.… good times dependent on bad times dependent on good times…. That’s life. We live, struggle, learn, and progress. Again and again and again…

The problem is that while we all understand this universal truth, we have no idea how or when things will change, and worse, to what extent. Since our minds exist for the sole purpose of identifying threats and keeping us safe AND crave rhythm and predictability, the end result is obviously FEAR.

So what is the key to happiness then? How do we work around something so hard-wired into us?

With another universal truth – the power of presence. Experiencing life minute by minute, without expectation and devoid of judgement. A tall order for sure, but with intent and focus, completely attainable for everyone. I can tell you that I’ve come a very long way with this in my daily life, but still cycle hard into fear when big shifts happen. The difference is that now I can recognize it. Now those cycles are, well, cycles, and not the constant hum of impending doom in the back of my mind (you didn’t think you’d read “impending doom” today now did you? You’re welcome…)

So take each moment as it comes, and see it as just that, a moment, an opportunity, a chance to RESPOND and not REACT. So when you’re riding high, enjoy the abundance and the upper end of the contrast between your normal existence and the good fortune you’re having. And when the “other shoe” does drop, have faith that that even in the dark times there are gifts to be shared and joy to be had, but above all, have faith that life always finds a way to raise the other shoe.


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Great talk, Ed! Very inspiring for kids of ALL ages!

Jennifer Kimball

What wonderful insight into how to truly connect with your children and get behind their dreams, hopes and aspirations! Have not been this inspired by a TED talk in this subject since Dr Shefali.

Maria Sakkadas

So inspirational and a concept more of us parents could use to create better relationships that support our children. We have to be the role models but too often we didn't have the support we needed growing up, and this talk gives us such a simple way to be that, not just for our kids but for the community as well. Thank you friend. Brilliant.

Catie Cavanagh

Good job, Mr Goyette!! You’re even cooler than I first thought whenever Noelle talked about her dad or when I met you a couple times.

Adriana DeBlois